We hosted this webinar via Zoom on August 11, 2020 to inform the community of our efforts to save the mural as well as educate people on the history of this project. The webinar had over 50 attendees.

Based on the information we have collected via research and meetings, these are our demands to the Department of Cultural Affairs:

  1. A timely public town hall that invites thoughtful engagement around the topic of the mural, its beloved role in the community, and art historical value, locally, nationally, and internationally.
  2. A timeline on the Vladem Contemporary’s construction and any (all) plans for demolition for the Halpin Building.
  3. A cost estimate proposal from a qualified professional conservator examining all the options offered by Cynthia Lawrence and valuations of all those options for the mural. 
  4. A postponement of any further plans regarding the mural’s “retirement” until all of the aforementioned have been satisfied. 
  5. A commitment to reevaluate past decisions regarding the mural and the mural’s future, based on information gained through the public town hall, cost estimate proposal, and the knowledge of DCA’s misrepresentation of the conservator’s report.
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