Video of Meeting with NM Museum of Art Executive Director Mark White, 7/23/2020

Last summer we met with Mark White, New Mexico Museum of Art Executive Director, via Zoom regarding the Multicultural mural. We are posting this video now because we think it is important for the community to know that they have continued to mislead and lie to us. They told us they want community involvement and we have requested a construction timeline multiple times. We were blindsided by the press release this week regarding construction beginning and the “retirement” of the Multicultural mural. The recording starts a little late into the meeting, the non-recorded beginning included introductions as well as presenting the results of the questionnaire we did. Also present at the meeting are Daniel Zillmann, NM DCA head of Marketing and Communications, as well as Cynthia Lawrence, the art conservator the state hired to review the mural.

Keep Santa Fe Multicultural meeting with Mark White and Daniel Zillmann, 07/23/2020

We will be meeting at the mural tomorrow @ 11am to make our voices heard, please join us!!!!

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