Federal court declines to issue injunction to halt destruction of Guzman mural

“A federal judge in Albuquerque has declined to issue a preliminary injunction that would halt the removal of Gilberto Guzman’s mural in downtown Santa Fe, saying the artist’s petition failed to meet the criteria for such a measure.”

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One thought on “Federal court declines to issue injunction to halt destruction of Guzman mural

  1. Is this “racist”? Just a bit?? I pose the following question to those who want to destroy this mural and who insist that it cannot be saved: If Georgia O’Keeffe had painted it, or Agnes Martin…and if it had deteriorated to the same degree as the “Guzman” mural, would you be able to find the money, energy, and desire to save it? I have plenty of issues with this forthcoming contemporary art museum…but the immediate issue is the existence of a subtle–but not invisible– elitist attitude held by many who value the future edifice more than the proposed contents for which the museum is ostensibly being constructed. Serious Artists and the mural supporters may balk–but sadl, it seems that money talks.


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